The farm Hlid, in fjord Hvalfjordur, is 5 km from the No. 1 National Road, 55 km from Reykjavik, 19 km from Akranes and 26 km from Borgarnes. Tourist facilities at Hlidconsist of an attractive 70m² all-year cottage with a bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and kitchen. The cottage can sleep up to 6 people in comfort. A shop, swimming pools, a golf course and angling facilities are located close by. The farm is situated in peaceful surrounding beneath the mountain Midfellsmuli at the opening of the valley Svinadalur There are beautiful view from it toall directions: up the fjord Hvalfjordur, across the bay to Reykjavik and westwards to Snaefellsjokull and Akrafjall. There is also a beautiful drive up the valley Svinadalur along the river Laxa to the lake Eyrarvatn and over the ridge Dragi down into Skorradalur. The county many sights and places of interest: Glymur, Iceland´s highest waterfall (198 m), the island Geirsholmi (Hardarholmi) in Hvalfjordur, the mountain Thyrill, a striking basalt mountain with Iceland´s only whaling station beneath it and farm Saurbaer, where the great religious poet Hallgrimur Petursson preached and is buried. Further north lies Reykholt, a famous educational and historical site know mainly as the property and residence of the saga write Snorri Sturluson, and the hot spring Deildartunguhver, with 180 liters per second of water at 100°C is probably the most productive in the world. The country´s second largest glacier, Langjokull (950 square km), marks the country boundary ; its highest point is 1,355 m above sea level. Hlid is a mixed farm, with sheep, horses ducks and a tourist service.
The farmers are Eyjolfur Jonsson and Ingibjorg Petursdottir
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